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Master the entire product life cycle


The PLM system for better collaboration and faster product development processes

We are service providers in the PDM/PLM area, specializing in Aras Innovator and the contact software CIM-DATABASE (CDB). Our core business is the development of system solutions that support product development processes. We offer you individual advice, create a concept with you and take on the realization of the further development and adaptation of your PLM solution to your company-specific circumstances.

Everything for your PLM initiative - powered by CONTACT Elements

Powered by CONTACT Elements means: you

use the world's most advanced platform and

Virtual data management technology

products, the collaboration and the process

and project management in the product development environment.

CIM Database supports you with a comprehensive application portfolio and a number of best practices. As flexible as Lego, the modular building block principle of CONTACT Elements stands for solutions that are far more than the sum of their parts: each impressive in itself - combined excellently!


Support projects we've worked on

We invited university students to our annual event, which ran for four weeks in August. As part of this project, our university students volunteered to pick grapes and make jam in exchange for an island vacation. For more information, see the featured stories on our Instagram profile "Bağbozumu".


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