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CIM Database

CIM Database

Use smart product models along the digital thread and connect PLM and IoT

The engine for end-to-end PLM is the comprehensive virtual product model. This means that data and processes can be used digitally from the initial idea through to release for production. Intelligent digital models simplify frontloading to make faster decisions and avoid late, costly changes. By enriching PLM data for downstream processes such as manufacturing and operations, you lay the foundation for an intelligent closed-loop process.

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The PLM system for better collaboration and faster product development processes

CIM Database is an open and scalable system for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). Its main advantages are better collaboration and faster processes in projects and across disciplines, systems and organizations. The component architecture of CIM Database simplifies deployment and helps companies to react flexibly to new requirements. Thanks to the underlying open platform CONTACT Elements, CIM Database PLM can be easily connected to IoT systems such as our digital twin platform Elements for IoT. This allows you to fully exploit the potential of innovative product development with a consistent digital thread throughout the entire life cycle.

Encourage collaboration and share documents and knowledge


Efficient and smooth cooperation is the key to developing sophisticated products and harmonizing complex processes. With the "single source of truth" principle, your employees all access the same information and share their knowledge throughout the company. To make this possible, they benefit from powerful integrations for Microsoft Office, e-mail and CAD, display options for all common Office, CAD and multimedia formats, reliable change and release processes and fast search functions in the entire stock of data. This accelerates your work processes, minimizes search and archiving activities and ensures reliable know-how protection.

Execute your PLM processes quickly and reliably with best practices and templates

The consistent definition and implementation of best practices makes compliance management processes more efficient and secure. CIM Database supports companies in mapping their best practices on project and process templates and implementing them directly. The advantage: Reliability and proven, efficient interaction between employees in day-to-day business.

Use workflows, status networks and tasks consistently
Product development is characterized by a high degree of joint, parallel work. The starting point for improving process efficiency is therefore the replacement of manual processes and ineffective process interactions with digital processes. This includes the synchronization of associated tasks with workflows and the qualification of the results using status networks. At the same time, your employees benefit from integrated task management and direct access to all the information they need for their tasks.

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